Termite barriers Lockyer Valley


Termite Prevention

Keep termites from entering your property with an effective barrier system installed by Fezzy’s Pest Control’s experienced technicians. Based in Laidley, our goal is to provide Lockyer Valley residents with cost-effective solutions that can keep their homes or offices termite-free.

Our termite barriers protect your building from termite infestations. This means you get to preserve your property’s structural integrity as well as dodge expensive structural repairs down the road.

Whether you need a termite barrier system for existing structures, alterations or new constructions, we’ve got you covered. We carry uniquely flexible systems that can easily be cut or moulded to fit even complex building designs.
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Frequently Ask Questions

What’s the difference between physical and chemical termite barriers?
Physical termite barriers work to deter termites from entering holes and crevices in the property. Chemical barriers fulfil the same purpose, but they take another step further by killing termites and eradicating their nests.
Is it possible to eradicate termites permanently?
How do termites spread?