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Residential & Commercial Pest Inspections

Armed with years of industry experience and the right equipment, Fezzy’s Pest Control can help keep even the most stubborn pests at bay.

We help clients protect their investment with a comprehensive pest inspection that detects even the most inconspicuous pest breeding grounds.

Regardless if you are looking to purchase a house or currently living in a home that you suspect is infested, our detailed, accurate and easy to understand reports can help you make an informed decision regarding pest control.
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Frequently Ask Questions

Should I worry when I see a cockroach in my home?
Cockroaches often find food and water sources without trouble, even in homes that are kept clean and tidy. They can thrive in many environments. If you see one cockroach, chances are, there are many more that are hidden in plain sight. And while a single roach may not cause significant damage, an infestation hiding in your home can have adverse effects on your health or property.
What are the signs my home or office is infested?
How often should I get a pest infection?