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Our licensed technicians use effective pest control products that are safe for both your pets and the environment. Based in Laidley, we service clients throughout the Lockyer Valley and Western Brisbane. We work to protect your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces from any type of pests, including:
Carpet beetles
Fleas & ticks
Rodents (rats & mice)
Our team can also help if you’re looking to purchase a new home and want to make sure your prospective property is pest-free. Give us a call on 0422 471 270 today!
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Frequently Ask Questions

What should I do if my neighbour has termites?
It’s unlikely for termites to move from one home to another. But homes that were built at the same time and in the same neighbourhood tend to get termite infestation also at around the same time. So, if your neighbour has termites, it means they are present in your entire area, which may signal that your house is infested, too.
Will pests go away on their own?
Should I stay out of my house after pest control?