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Registered Drug Residue Testing

Fezzy’s Pest Control provides comprehensive meth residue testing throughout the Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas. Regardless of whether you are a tenant who wants to make sure your prospective home is free from meth contaminants or a property owner looking to ensure your rental home is safe to live in, our services are for you.

Meth contaminants are invisible and have no real odour. Armed with knowledge on hazardous material evaluation and decontamination, we can identify meth residues that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Would my home be contaminated if a meth user smoked in it?
Yes, but likely, the levels of contamination will be lower than if your home has been used as a meth lab. The larger the scale of usage, the higher the contamination levels.
How long will my home stay contaminated from meth residue?
Can I clean up my meth-contaminated home myself?